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A few of my favorite things…

Eh with this dreary cold weather it is easy to feel down, but I am going to take one from Julie Andrews’ book, and meditate on My Favorite Things!

While I agree with Maria, the character that Julie Andrews plays in the Sound of Music, that raindrops on roses are beautiful, and I am one of the few that actually have a huge respect for geese, I cannot say that I get that jazzed up about whiskers on kittens and brown paper bags!  My favorite things are…

  1. Obviously my family – my hubby and my two sweet angel babies, not to mention extended family!  So very blessed!
  2. Going back to the mention of kittens – I am definitely a dog lover!  (Since kids this is perhaps not as evident).  I do love my two Alaskan Malamute mixes, who are now 8 years old!  They are gorgeous and love taking them for runs and hearing kids say, “Look at the wolves!”  Yes, folks we own two wolves…I digress…
  3. I love to run!  I love yoga!  I enjoy most exercise in general!  Anything to get my heart rate up and my endorphins going!  Weeee!
  4. Orgain Protein Powder from Costco…I have a scoop in my oatmeal daily
  5. Bananas…B-A-N-A-N-A-S!  Sorry Gwen Stefani got the best of me there…No, seriously, between my son and I we go through like 4 bunches of bananas weekly.  Two woots for potassium!
  6. No surprise that one of my favorite animals is a monkey!  They’re just too cute!
  7. Eyebrow waxing…ah my guilty pleasure.  I know.  Weird.  Especially for a gal who hardly takes time to brush her hair and maybe has a haircut twice a year.  But eyebrow waxing…makes ya feel so fresh n’ so clean!
  8. Organization – I love to declutter and organize, organize, organize.  I get super excited about organizational products at the Dollar Tree!  Ah yes – I love the Dollar Tree!
  9. Spanish – es un lenguaje bellísimo.  While I left the public school realm to stay home with my sweeties, I speak more Spanish than ever.  It is so amazing watching them grow in their own language skills!  Yeah!
  10. Energy Bites…these are flippin’ delicious!  I love ’em, my kids love ’em…we call them “num nums” in our casa!  Click the link for the delightful recipe that my super cool grandma shared with us!
  11. Brooks PureFlow tennis shoes…ah my best buddies!  I’ve been running and training in these shoes for almost six years!
  12. IPhoto…love it!  I love taking pictures and making photo books and calendars for my family!  My pledge is to make one yearly for each of my children.  I am a little behind!  : /
  13. Classic rock music – thanks to my Daddy who wouldn’t ever let me move the dial on his radio!  I love me some Cars, Boston, Styx, Heart!  Why don’t they make music like that anymore??!!
  14. Contemporary Christian music – bring on the TobyMac!
  15. The color pink – someone told me the other day that you can tell that I am a boy’s mamma…what the heck does that mean?!  While I will admit that I am not the girliest gal, pink is my favorito!
  16. Hot showers…thank the Lord again and again – showers and running take me to a different planet!  Ahhhh…
  17. Pad Kee Mao – this is de-li-cious!!!!!!
  18. Aladdin’s – one of the few places that has yummy food and you leave not feeling like complete crap after!  : )  Win-win!
  19. The Bob running stroller – enough said.
  20. The Office – Oh Michael Scott how you make me laugh.  Hubby and I love watching episodes over and over again after the kiddos go to sleep…when that happens…: )
  21. Dave Ramsey Financial Peace Budgeting forms – 5 years and going strong!  Highly recommend for anyone and everyone!!!!
  22. Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas – great read!  One of the few books that I have finished as an adult!  : )
  23. The library!  Hooray for la biblioteca!  What can I say?!  I am a mamma and our library has unbelievable resources and programs for kids!
  24. Aldi!  Except when my son reaches over and hits the store clerk’s buttons to ring up additional items, the bill would usually make Mom proud!  God love my mother – that woman can get a deal anywhere.  I sometimes wonder how stores stay in business after she goes there… ; )
  25. The ocean…but honestly, who doesn’t?!  Minus the sharks and the jellyfish of course…last vacation I was stung twice…seriously?!

And there’s plenty more where that came from!  In light of meditating on my favorite things, let me close with perhaps one of my favorite verses:

Galatians 6:9-

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.



Amanda +<3



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